Technical Support / Warranty, Repair and Loaner

At ASL we believe in our product and understand the rehab process.  It is our goal to make sure our medical suppliers have the easiest time possible with the service process and that the clients ASL equipment is functioning properly. 

The following PDF’s are for any supplier or customers that need documentation for funding or to discuss warranty and repairs with ASL.  If you do not see the product you are looking for please contact us.

Warranty letters:


Loaner Equipment for Repair:

In effort to make sure our customers are taken care of on all warranty and non warranty repairs ASL has a loaner program where we will send the supplier equipment on loan while the damaged equipment is being repaired as long as there is a valid purchase order in our system.  There will be no charge for the loaner equipment as long as the loaned equipment is returned to ASL undamaged. 

The following PDF is our standard equipment loan agreement for repair.  If there are any special circumstances please contact ASL.

PDF Download Loaner Equipment for Repair Agreement

Loaner Equipment for Evaluation:

Understanding the rehab process, ASL is committed to helping fit the right products for the right situation.  We have an extensive loan program for the evaluation process so you can make sure you are selecting the right product for your client.   In order to receive ASL loaner equipment for your client evaluation, a valid purchase order is required from an ASL certified supplier.  The purchase order will only be billed for shipping charges unless the loaned equipment is not returned within the agreed loaned period.  The loan period is 20 days from the date the equipment is received. 

The following PDF is our standard equipment loan agreement.  If there are any special circumstances please contact ASL.

PDF Loaner Equipment for Evaluation Agreement