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We are dedicated to supporting our Rehab Suppliers, through our extensive loan program, customer service and education.   Rehab is defined by the process of evaluation and experience with equipment to help an individual return their life to a functional state. ASL supports the rehabilitation process.  The clients that our products are designed for most often have the largest need for custom equipment.

With this in mind our medical suppliers must have knowledge of wheelchairs electronics and programming of those systems. They must have had experience with equipment to find functional and successful outcomes.   In this era of uncertain funding and bidding on equipment we can facilitate in making sure only ASL certified suppliers are involved in this rehab process, helping and supporting everyone from the client to the rehab professional who has knowledge and dedication.

At ASL we hold all of our Medical suppliers to a high standard and count on their knowledge and expertise in the field to help clients with success.  Therefore, we require any new company that wishes to be an ASL certified supplier to have knowledge of the equipment they are providing, have attended courses given by the power wheelchair manufacturers and must attend an ASL technical course, where we will give specialized training on wheelchair electronics and alternative access.

If you are interested in becoming an ASL certified supplier the below PDF is our current application that must be filled out in its entirety.   

PDF Download ASL Supplier Application