Education / Our Educators

  • Lisa Rotelli

    Lisa Rotelli – Director

    Lisa Rotelli, Education Specialist, has had a lifetime of experience starting as a Clinical Coordinator for a Rehab Hospital in Northern California. She also served as a Rehab Manager for a large rehab equipment supplier and a Rehab Specialist for one of the major manufactures of rehab wheelchairs. She is certified by the University of Tennessee at Memphis as a seating specialist, and the University of Misericordia in Pennsylvania in pediatric seating. She specializes in alternative access, drive control systems, and has designed several drive control systems for severely involved clients. She presents at national conference to all levels of Clinical Therapists, Suppliers, and Educators.

  • Byron Guisbert

    Byron Guisbert – Education Coordinator

    Byron began his career in healthcare in 1972 at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville Pa. in radiology which gave him an excellent grasp on human anatomy. He then moved to Lancaster PA and started working in respiratory therapy as a technician. He attended the respiratory therapy program during that period of time and worked throughout the facility especially in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Units. After working with facilities and therapists throughout PA and NJ, and using many positioning components and alternative access products, Byron met ASL. Then Byron was given the opportunity of initiating and instituting an educational program which has evolved and continues today. Along with the staff at ASL, they formed the Pediatric Power Network to put focus on improving mobility, communication, and positioning for children. Over a period of time, Byron has assisted in creating products which help match individual’s capabilities. Byron performs evaluations across the country, while continuing his educational programs. He has presented at various national conferences throughout the years, but still learns so much from the individuals he works with.

  • Michele Bishop

    Michele Bishop – Clinical Educator

    Michele Bishop is an Assistive Technology Specialist with over 30 years experience working with children with physical disabilities and who use powered mobility and augmentative communication. Michele as focused her career on integrating the various technologies including the wheelchair to give students access to computers, speech generating devices, phones, tablets, and now, smart home technology. Prior to that she began her career as a special education classroom teacher working in multi-disciplinary classrooms. She has taught children from the ages of 3 through 22 years of age.

    In her private practice, she has worked extensively to integrate the skills of power mobility, and the technology that is required for access to patient’s computers, speech generating devices, mobile devices and the environment. Michele performs evaluations and supports clinicians in finding solutions for powered mobility and technology integration. She is a nationally known speaker at conferences and has presented at several national conferences on teaching strategies and the development of support materials for children who use auditory scanning. Michele brings creativity, personal experience, and a breadth of knowledge to her teaching.

  • Joe Cervantez

    Joe Cervantez – Technical Specialist

    Joe has been a vital part of Adaptive Switch Labs for more than seven years. His knowledge of wheelchair electronics and programming has lead him to be in charge of ASL’s technical training and certification courses for Rehab Technology Suppliers. Joe is also a vital part of the customer service technical team. His experience with wheelchair electronics and work with all of the wheelchair manufactures has led him to help in the design and testing ASL’s products.