ATOM Electronic Head Array ASL 104

The ATOM Electronic Head Array is designed so that a person can control power wheelchair movement, seat functions and has integrated Bluetooth.  With the addition of ASL accessories, a client can wirelessly connect to an AAC device, a mouse emulator, and the Tecla E. 

The ASL 104 ATOM Electronic Head Array system has combined electronics within the head array for ease of access to the switch ports. With a touch of a switch, the ATOM Electronic Head Array can be used as a wireless switch interface for computer access or AAC devices. Switch settings and adjustments allow simplicity in how the ATOM Electronic Head Array functions. The directional indicator helps a clinician/provider see when a client is accessing a switch. An adjustable switch timer gives the client ease of access to all the other wheelchair functions. The on/off switch is located on the back of the ATOM Interface and is easily accessible.  There is also a user switch feature so the client can turn the Head Array on or off themselves.  The 104 ATOM Electronic Head Array interface includes a magnetic protective cover with cable guides.            

The ATOM Electronic Head Array with a 9-pin connector will connect to all power wheelchair electronics through an input module.  It can be used with a battery pack (ASL 540) on a manual wheelchair, so a patient can stay connected to their communication when they cannot be in their powerchair. 

The ATOM Electronic Head Array is designed for persons with limited motor control, such as Cerebral Palsy, MS or acquired injuries, like C level spinal cord injuries.  It has been highly successful for these individuals due to the no pressure feature of the proximity switch.      

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The options for the ASL 104 ATOM Electronic Head Array are:

  • Accessories : ASL 557-3 ATOM Wireless Triple Switch Receiver
  • Accessories : ASL 558 ATOM Wireless Mouse Emulator for ASL 104 Only
  • Accessories : ASL 545e Tecla Shield - Bluetooth Interface