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Extremity Control Joystick for Computer Access

The ASL 538 Extremity Control Joystick for Computer Access is a very small profile joystick designed to be used for clients with decreased range of motion in their extremities. It has a resistance of about 1/3 of a standard joystick and can now be used to access a computer without going through the wheelchairs electronics.  The optimal use for this joystick is mounted at the chin, because of the outer shell it is resistant to saliva and other foreign objects that get into most joysticks.  You can mount it directly on a manual wheelchair or with a clamp mount to a desk. Along with the Joystick Mouse Module it plugs directly into the USB port on any computer, it draws power from the USB port so there is no need for batteries or a wall plug.   To achieve left click, right click, double click and scroll there are dedicated switch ports on the Joystick Mouse Module.  You can also use Dwell Software.  The Joystick Mouse Module has speed adjustments directly on the module, which gives you the ability to adjust the speeds without changing the mouse properties in the computer. 

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