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Four Switch Proximity Array

The ASL 106 Four Switch Proximity Array offers four proximity sensors that allow the driver to operate a power wheelchair. Simply by covering the corresponding sensor the driver can move forward, reverse, left or right.  Depending on the position of the 3-4 switch on the front of the ASL 151 Interface the fourth proximity sensor controls reset/mode change (in the 3 position) or reverse (in the 4 position). Drivers can veer the wheelchair by activating the forward or reverse sensor in combination with either the right or left sensor.  This system is generally mounted inside the ASL 601 Full Lap Tray Driving Platform or in a ASL 619 Eclipse Tray. These sensors can be positioned anywhere inside the tray and once positioned a quick disconnect feature allows the tray to be removed with sensors intact. However, these sensors do not require the use of a tray and can be positioned at virtually any available switch site depending on the client’s movement ability. Typical users are individuals with Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury or someone with progressive weakness such as SMA, ALS or Muscular Dystrophy. This no pressure system was designed for those who have problems maintaining a switch that requires pressure and contact. 

Must Specify Wheelchair Electronics.
Mounting Options Not Included.
Requires ASL 151 Interface.