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Protective cover to aide in water resistance and protection for switch connections.
On/Off Switch on ATOM Head Array and Switch Port so the user can turn on/off themselves.
Adjustable Switch Timer to modify the amount of time to select user mode and drive modes.
Interface on the back of the ATOM Head Array can work with MK6, RNet, and Curtis platforms.

  • The interface is combined within the ATOM Electronic Head Array for ease of access to the switch ports.
  • The switch settings and adjustments allow simplicity in how the ATOM Electronic Head Array functions.
  • The directional LED indicators help a clinician/provider see when a client is accessing a switch.
  • The adjustable switch timer helps a client to easily access all the other wheelchair functions.
  • The important on/off switch is located for accessibility right on the back of the ATOM Electronic Head Array and can be accessed by the client with an additional switch.
  • With the activation of a switch the ATOM Electronic Head Array can be used as a wireless switch interface for computer access, AAC devices or the ASL 545 Tecla Shield.
  • The connection to the digital port has a red or green indicator light so the client can see if they are in drive mode, user mode, or powered off.

Power Light
On/Off Attendant
Protective Cover
enhanced features
Directional LED Indicators
Adjustable Switch Timer for Mode
and User Port
Switch 1: Reverse/Rest
Switch 2: Future Use
Switch 3: Mode Switch Function
Switch 4: Code Settings
Switch 5: Code Settings
Switch 6: Audible Indicator
enhanced features
User Switch Port
Reset Mode Change Port
Reverse Mode Change Port (Powered)
enhanced features
Magnetic Cover
Protective Cable Guides
Serial Number Window
Protective Cover In Use
enhanced features

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