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I am Adison, a 15 year old boy who is in a power wheelchair. I was born with arthrogryposis and I don’t have much use of my arms or legs. My faith in Christ is important to me and has helped me through many tough times. In addition, ASL has helped me in many ways including comfort, independence, and use of technology. They have let me try out many different head-a-rays and chin joysticks to find the perfect one. Some things I like are playing games, reading, and talking with friends. ASL has helped me do these things with less setup which has made it easier to do the things I love. The Obi feeder connected to my head array allows me to pull up to the table, start eating, and pull away when I am finished. This is very important to me because I can decide what I get to eat first, my parents don’t decide for me. I can also now eat at my own pace, as my family can sometimes feed me too fast or too slow. I also really like using both the head array and the chin joystick to drive. I like using the head array inside that way I don’t have to have something in my face all the time. I like the chin joystick for when I am outside because I can go faster and it is easier to go into reverse. I am about to get a new chair, so I am excited to see what new doors that will open up.

Information from Adison’s Therapist - Christina Mayer/Guisbert:

As Adison’s Physical Therapist, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him to configure products and combine technologies to support his independence. Most recently, a complex powerchair was approved that includes components for Adison to not only drive, but also to access MRADL’s, including wireless access to his Obi feeding device through use of his Fusion head array, wirelessly connected through the ASL 557-3. Adison will not need physical assistance during actual mealtime, especially at school, eliminating the need for an adult to sit beside him amongst his friends. As he mentioned, he will be able to approach, eat, and leave same timeframe as others. A Tecla-E, ASL mouse emulator, BlueSky power mounts, Open Sesame automatic door openers are also in place, with numerous other technologies in the works. In response to feedback from patients such as Adison, ASL responded —a separate reverse switch will now be possible through the Fusion head array as well. Adison will be able to proceed in all directions without needing to pause and switch through modes, an addition that he will thoroughly appreciate. Thankfully, Adison has an excellent support system that will challenge and advocate right along with him through this exciting process of expanding his independence.