Education / Clinical Courses

The continuing education department of ASL is committed to providing up to date, hands on, and practical education to clients, families, therapists, and medical suppliers who are involved in providing access to people with disabilities.

In order to meet everyone’s needs, we offer two separate certification classes at our facility in Spicewood, Texas. The first class focuses on the clinical aspect of assessments, access, and the knowledge needed to identify client’s capabilities and promote functional outcomes. The second course is geared towards the needs of the rehab technology suppliers and their technicians with an in depth look at ASL equipment and wheelchair electronics. By request, and on a limited basis, we also offer offsite courses which will be listed here.


This clinical course is a two day workshop designed to educate attendees on seating for access, alternative access products, and the components required to connect them to power wheelchairs. Participants will then identify which components are required to use those alternative access drive controls in order to access their computer or AAC devices. On the second day, participants apply what they have learned while setting up alternative drive controls to power chairs and programming those chairs so that they can use the drive controls to access a computer and/or an AAC device.


PDF CLICK HERE for Expanding Environments: a deep dive into mobility, access and connectivity Two Day

We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule these classes with no less than 10 days notice.

Title Start Date Number of Days
Jamestown, ND 2020-10-22 2