Education / Technical Courses

The continuing education department of ASL is committed to providing up to date, hands on and practical education to clients, families, therapists, and medical suppliers who are involved in providing access to people with disabilities.

In order to meet everyones needs we offer two separate certification classes at our facility in Spicewood, Texas.The first course is geared towards the needs of the rehab technology suppliers and their technicians. The second class focuses on the role of the therapist and the knowledge they need to provide appropriate assessments for each clients alternative access needs.


Our Technical Certification Class is a two day workshop which focuses on recognizing what products are available for alternative access drive controls and how they are accessed through each major manufactures electronics.Participants will set up each alternative access drive control on various power chairs and compare each manufactures electronics and their accessibility. Participants will also learn which components are required for alternative access and demonstrate programming power wheel chairs with alternative access drive controls.


Title Start Date Number of Days
October - Spicewood, TX 2019-10-17 2