Company / Who We Are

Lisa Rotelli

Lisa Rotelli – Director

Lisa has served clients for over 25 years within all aspects of our industry, from managing rehab facility to improving product design, designing drive control systems for severely involved clients, and educating families, therapists, teachers and suppliers.  Her specialty is in the area of seating and alternative access. 

Codie Ealey

Codie Ealey – Office Manager

Codie has been with ASL since 1996.  She oversees all aspects of daily operations, as well as, the continuation education program and office finances.  Codie serves as a liaison between staff, customers, independent sales representatives, vendors and educators. 

Joe Cervantez

Joe Cervantez – Technical Specialist

Joe has been a vital part of ASL for more than seven years.  His knowledge of wheelchair electronics and programming has lead him to be in charge of ASL’s technical training and certification courses for Rehab Technology Suppliers.  Joe is also an integral part of the customer service technical team.

Trey Cozby

Trey Cozby –  Purchasing/IT

Trey has been with ASL since 1996. He is responsible for purchasing, computer IT needs and inventory quality control.  In addition, Trey serves as a liaison between ASL and vendors. 

Chris Moses

Chris Moses – Production Manager

Chris is the production manager for ASL.  She is charge of our loaner program, the RA department and all shipping and receiving. 

James Pham

James Pham – Engineer

James has been an electrical engineer since 1989. He is the engineering aspect behind ASL’s ability for matching client’s capabilities to product design and manufacturing. 

Byron Guisbert

Byron Guisbert – Education Coordinator

Byron is the director of education at ASL.  He performs client evaluations, while continuing his educational programs.  He has presented at various national conferences throughout the years, but still learns so much from the individuals he works with.